Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Last night I popped some popcorn for myself and didn't eat the whole bag so this morning when the girls got up and Syssa went off to school Nattie and Mara asked if they could have some of the leftover popcorn. I told them, "sure you can each have a handful after you finish eating your oatmeal". Nattie got done and got her handful of popcorn and then Mara got done and wanted her handful as well. She ran over to the popcorn bowl and put her tiny hand in. I said, "no, let Mommy get your handful." I thought she was going to fight me on it but she didn't and quietly sat back down in her chair and waited.

Now this doesn't seem like a "spiritual story". But I thought about something that happens I think quite a bit in my own life. God tells us that he has a great big handful of popcorn waiting for us, but we want to get our own handful of popcorn. We want to do everything ourselves. So in the end we end up with a human-sized handful of popcorn instead of a God-sized handful of popcorn! Wow, how many times do I do that and wonder why the help of God isn't coming. It's because I have stuck my hand in the popcorn bowl and won't let God in.

I just wanted to share that with everybody today and I hope you are all blessed because of it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gift Exchange

Every year we do a Christmas gift exchange with my siblings and my neices and nephews so that it cuts the cost of what we would be spending on everybody. I have 7 siblings with 3 married and my mom has 10 grandchildren so you could imagine what that big bill would look like if we didn't do things this way. This year we decided to do T-shirts. Melissa had Micah, Jack had Kim, and Chantel had Natalie. Here is what we got this year. They are too fun.

It fits Micah perfectly

Pie, Ice Cream, and a bath

Today for dinner we did something new. We had a rather late lunch so for dinner we decided to have apple pie and ice cream and that's it. Believe it or not the girls didn't eat much... I guess it was too sweet... but when we asked them if they wanted anything else they said no. I'll bet the ate too much for lunch. Even though I didn't think it was a good idea at first the girls loved it! They were so happy that they were allowed to just be kids. After that of course they were a mess. In our new house we have quite a big tub in the Master bath. I love it so I thought I'd share it with my wonderful kiddos. They had a great time splashing around. They did get a little too out of hand so I had to tell them to stop splashing so much. Then, after that we got to play Disney's Scene It with the girls. Nattie didn't understand that she wasn't supposed to take the pieces off the board so we tried to remember where we were. We had a great night. I hope all of you had a great night too.