Monday, May 24, 2010

Guerline and Fafane More Pictures

This is Berlinda, Guerline, and Fafane where they were found. Our girls are the two on the left. This picture makes me want to cry everytime I look at it. Their parents just couldn't feed them anymore so they left them out in the mountains with no food, water, or safety! The people at the orphanage found them at took them to the orphanage and they have now been there for a year. Please God bring them home quickly and keep them safe while they are not in our care.

These are just some pictures that were taken with some of the groups that went to the orphanage. I got these off of facebook so hopefully I can get the actual copies so they will be full size.

Guerline is a lot more social and talkative than her sister Fafane so you'll see a lot more pictures of Guerline than Fafane. I hope that changes when we get a chance to go back.

Trying to figure out how to play cards when they don't know English is hard to do!


I knew this before but I am getting hit quite hard by it right now, that whenever you do something that has eternal value things get thrown at you that you never thought would. We had to go get our blood drawn twice because the person who drew it did it in expired tubes. So this delayed us about 2 1/2 weeks for that particular thing... which isn't a huge delay since I did get it going as one of the first things. But when I went to pick up the paperwork that stated that we were HIV and syphylis (sp?) free Micah's had the wrong birth date. I blame it on the military since they make you write it as dd mon year... example today would be 24 May 2010. So Micah wrote his birthday 01/02/1983 but was born on the first of February. Oy. The nurse said all she had to do was call down and get it changed and then reprinted so hopefully that is the case and we can get this taken care of. My first reaction was to be furious with Micah. (Anyone else know what I'm talking about?) And I did at first and then realized that with something like this there are going to be setbacks... which we've had a lot of already! My response to this minor thing showed me something about my character that I didn't like. I pray that I learn patience throughout this! I was told by someone before never to pray for patience, which I don't exactly, I pray that in everything I do I LEARN patience. Thank you to everyone who is praying for us or has helped us with any expenses... you are all true blessings to us!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Police Station

With all of the many things that go into a dossier, paperwork that will need to be sent to Haiti, comse many firsts for us. Today we got to experience the police station. We got Alyssa off to school but didn't have anywhere for Samara and Natalie to go so they came with us. They loved it. I had to explain to Samara that this isn't somplace you want to visit. The only reason why you want to come is because you have something to do because a lot of people go there to be put into jail for doing naughty things. So hopefully she now understands the importance of not wanting to go to the police station (I doubt it though because she was having so much fun).

Today I got a phone call from the people who did our bloodwork for our dossier and come to find out it was never processed! (Deep breath) She took our blood in expired tubes, which isn't a huge deal, but nevertheless they couldn't process them. So here we go back up to get our blood drawn... again. Please pray for us as this is a frustrating process. I'm glad we've been pulled and stretched as much as we have because I think we're flexible enough to handle this but it's definitely not the most ideal situation! Oy... oh well.

Thanks for all your prayers!!! We appreciate them!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hey all,
Please be praying for our family. We will hopefully be able to turn in our dossier in June but we will need $6,000 by then so that Pastor Jean Fritz will be able to higher a lawyer to start processing it. We know God is bigger than this measly $6,000 but we believe he lays on people's hearts to give to things such as this. Thank you all for your continued prayer and support!
-Kim Jones

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Guerline and Fafane

Two days ago at about 7:00PM we were told that we are going to be able to adopt Guerline (8) and Fafane (10). We are so excited. I just wanted to post that but it's late so I am going to bed now. Enjoy the pictures.