Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trip Back Home

My sister, Angela, was getting married and it had been a while since we'd seen family so we decided to take a trip back home.

Alyssa was already with Mama Jay and Papa Oz so I had Natalie and Samara on the drive up. Micah had to do some stuff for work so it was just the three girls on our way.

It took us two days to get there. The girls finally decided to sleep on the second day.

When we got to Papa Ozzie's house the girls had to go on a motorcycle ride.

Nattie's a bit too little yet so she danced and did yoga in the driveway while the other two did their rides.

Samara on her first real ride.

Besides the motorcycle Mara fell in love with Maisy, the family's pet Dachshund. Grandpa Ozzie was nice enough to give her to us as our family pet. We are pretty sure we are going to take her back home but we've told the kids that she is their dog but we might leave her for Grandpa Ozzie to take care of just in case we decide she'll be too much for us before we leave.

Nattie was supposed to be taking a nap and she had woken up early on this day apparantly and got into markers. She got it all over her legs! It came off in the hot tub though so no worries.

At Melissa's house this is Madison and Natalie playing. It was a miracle since the whole time the two of them were together they competed for everything. If Nattie said my daddy so did Madison. If Madison said my Grandma then Nattie wanted her Grandma too. It was so awesome to see them actually play really well together.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 3rd of July!!

Happy third of July everyone. Okay so today is the fourth of July so we're celebrating the good old fashion way. We're at home resting!! How nice is that?! Yesterday the girls went to Six Flags and then last night we went to the Six Flags fireworks show. I know we haven't seen very good fireworks shows so last night's show was awesome! At least we thought so. I haven't seen fireworks that up close since I was a kid. Anyways we decided to go last night instead of today to fight the crowd a bit. It worked! It was still crowded but I'm almost positive that today will be a lot worse. Anyways here are some of the pictures.

It has been getting into the 100s here and we've had a lot of humidity and that is why her face is red. She is anxiously awaiting the fireworks.

Nattie also waiting for the fireworks.

Daddy and his girls.

The family minus Alyssa. She will be coming home soon! I'M SO EXCITED!

My love and me.

The fireworks start and Mara is in awe. She absolutely loved them!

And Nattie didn't like them at all. She wouldn't look at them and when I'd take my hand off her ear she would freak out!! We put the videos on today to look at what we got and she wouldn't even look at the computer. She wanted to snuggle with me again and that was it. It was funny but when I'd try to get her to look she'd SCREAM. Hopefully this doesn't happen for the rest of her life.