Saturday, August 1, 2009

Angela's now a Mencl

Angela, my sister, got married on the 23rd of July. It was beautiful and my sister looked more happy and more beautiful than ever! I love you Angela and welcome to the family Gary!

This is my girls sitting outside the temple that my sister got married in. I thought they were adorable!

Outside the temple.

Me and my hunny. My dad and Alyssa having fun.

Gary and Angela... the newlyweds. The HUGE wedding party.

Gary, Angela, and our family of 5.

Micah and I decided to take a couple pictures of ourselves since we looked so good ourselves. Woot woot.

So each of Angela's brothers and sisters and their families got a picture with the bride and groom. Left is my sister, Jennifer's family. Right is my sister, Melissa's family.

Left is my sister Pam and her boyfriend Jeremy and her daughter Kallee. Right is my brother Daniel and his family.

Left is our family. Right is Jason and Allyson.
My mom made her 7 grandaughters these beautiful dresses for the wedding. She also made some for Gary's side of the family. I think they turned out totally adorable.
It was a wonderful day and I'm so glad that we have Gary as part of our family.