Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I decided it's been a long time since I blogged last so I had to get some of my summer pictures up here. Bear with me I know it's a lot all at once. Alyssa is with Micah's parents for the summer and I miss her very much but she's having a blast. She's in swimming lessons there and is riding on the motorcycle with her Grandpa Ozzie. She is having the time of her life! She doesn't want to talk to me very much because I call a lot and she gets sick of talking on the phone. I hope she wants to come back with me when we go up to get her. I'm sure she'll be ready to come back home. Nattie is in swimming lessons and Mara starts hers up next week. We are probably going to put the girls back into gymnastics when the school year starts. I'm going to be going back to school in the Fall finally. I am going for Elementary Education and hopefully going to be a 2nd grade teacher when I grow up. If that doesn't work out I'll go back to school for secondary education and I'll be a middle school math teacher but I want to try second grade first. Micah's wanting to go back to school in the fall too. I am also going to be teaching Mother's Day Out again this year and Nattie and Mara will be in it so we'll be busy starting July with our traveling back to our family and then coming back and starting school etc. Nattie is now in the bottom bunk bed and doing well and Mara is in the top bunk bed and loving it. When Syssa comes back she'll get her own room, Nattie's old room. We want her to have her own room since she's the only one that needs to get up really early to go to school every day of the week. We'll see how it works and change it around if it doesn't work. We love you all and hopefully I can keep this thing updated better.


The girls see Micah and they love to join in sometimes. We are glad that we can teach our kids to be active.

Doing chair dips... GO Mara... I think Nattie was taking a rest. hehe.

Resort Day

We went to a resort just north of us just for the day and had a blast. We played mini golf, jumped in the pool, and then played Apples to Apples Jr with the kiddos after we ate. It was a lot of fun and only about 45 minutes away.


Daddy with his fans watching him.

Mama Jay... we didn't get Erin setting up to swing. I'm not sure why but she was there too.

Mara getting ready to get her ball.

Syssa getting ready to whack it in.

Sisterly love.

The pool. It was so hot this day! Syssa is learning how to swim and is really doing a good job.

Micah took a shot from above. We are all so beautiful looking.

Nattie has no fear of the water and will jump right in so we are watching her like a hawk when we're around water. We're doing swimming lessons so hopefully I can help her learn not to jump in until we are ready.

Alyssa jumping to Erin.

Samara swimming with Daddy.

Nattie on my lap.

Beached whales.

The little kid pool was relaxing for the adults because all the kids could touch the bottom so we all got a little sun while the girls played in there for a little longer.

What a cheesy face!

Syssa and Erin playing Apples to Apples Jr.

Mama Jay and Sammi Jay playing Apples to Apples Jr.

Micah and I playing Apples to Apples Jr.

There was a movie theater at the resort that was playing the Devil Wears Prada but it was at the end so we just took a couple pictures and then left. It was a fun day!

Alyssa's Kindergarten "Celebration"

Alyssa has graduated Kindergarten. She'll be in 1st grade next year! How crazy is that! They called it a Celebration not a graduation. I'm not sure why but oh well. We celebrated!! When we came up to the door they had a reading cafe set up with menus and Alyssa had a little apron on and she would ask us what we would like and she'd go get the book that we picked and read it to us. It was a really cute idea.

All of us were intently listening as she read. Micah's mom and sister were with us but I guess they were taking the pictures.

The menu.

Hi Nattie.

Mommy and Mara watching while Syssa gets ready to do some songs she learned.

All Smiles.

Getting ready to sing.

All grown up.

What a cute group of kids.

Her kindergarten class.

Nattie running around after the celebration.

Erin Graduates her Second Year of Master's Commission

Micah's sister, Erin, graduated her second year of Master's Commission and so we went to see her. It was awesome! The girls love their Auntie Erin so they wanted to cling to her the whole time.
We stayed at a Days Inn. Here's Erin, Mara, and Nattie.

Erin got Alyssa some messy putty sandy sort of stuff that ended up being more sandy than we thought. Oh well we were at the hotel not at home.

Really she had fun she just didn't want her picture taken right then.

They played with it next to the bathroom. The only hard floor in the hotel room.

This is at the first night of her graduation thing. They were playing with her hair and she was making them laugh really hard. As you can tell.

Micah's so proud of his sister!!

I'm proud of her too!!

The kids are proud of her too!!

Alyssa got to give Erin an award and her ring. She was her "Timothy". Erin passed the mantle onto her.

The Master's Commission singing. Erin looked over at Micah for a split second and smiled.... we got it!!

Me and my good looking hubby.

The three of us. I'm so glad we got to go to this. It was very special.

The girls started to pose a bit after it was over... I had to take pictures. Mara Jeanette.

Nattie Grace.

Syssa Sue.

Nattie kept tackling Mara and then laughing really hard. It was so cute.

Kisses for Daddy!

We were trying to keep the girls out of the way while they cleaned up after the graduation.

Afterwards Erin came to this park where everyone says goodbye so the girls saw the fountains and saw that you were able to swim, or at least get into the water, there and they were all for that. This is Daddy, Mara, Nattie, and a friend of the family, Eric.

In and out of the water they go.

Should we get back in? Oh yeah!!

Nattie walking up the side.

Eric at the park. We went to a different park after the other park since we were going to go to six flags since we thought we had free tickets but it ended up they were half price which is good but none of us had any money. Oh well the park was nice too.