Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Lost Tooth

Alyssa lost her third tooth tonight. Well, lost or had Daddy pull it out? It was really loose so Daddy asked Syssa if he could pull on it and see if it would come out and she said yes because it was hurting anyways. A couple small yanks and her top tooth was out!
She was so excited! She was walking around the room raving and talking so fast I couldn't understand her. She kept saying the same s words over and over so that we would know that she couldn't say them very well. It was so cute!
What kid doesn't like to put their tongue in the hole where there tooth once was?
The gap. Her other top front tooth is loose too but she said that Daddy couldn't touch that one tonight... maybe another night.

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mommyvsarmyof5 said...

This is so cute, Kim! We have been losing teeth over here too. I really enjoy seeing how y'all are doing.