Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Alyssa and Samara started gymnastics yesterday. They loved it. We went to check it out last Tuesday and while we were watching I could barely restrain them from going to the classes that they would be going to. They went for the first day and bounced on trampolines, did uneven bars, did the floor etc. We are excited for them to start doing something to expell their energy and they are so excited for something new and exciting. I think I've found a piano teacher for Alyssa as well but I haven't contacted her yet. I'll keep y'all (I had to do it since I'm in Texas now) posted on all that we are up to.

Our church also has this thing called Mother's Day Out where you take your kids from 9-2 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and they get to learn about Jesus and letters etc. They are getting an actual curriculum for next year and are opening up three more classrooms so they need more people to teach. It will earn me a little extra money and get Samara and Natalie in for free and I love to teach little kids especially about Jesus so I decided that I'm going to be a teacher next year for Mother's Day Out. (It starts in August again.) This year though they needed some help because there are quite a few people that are going to be out of town or even when someone gets sick or the like that they need a substitute teacher. I substituted on Thursday and yesterday and I loved it. I subbed for the 12-18 month olds. Tomorrow I'm going to be subbing for the 3-4 year olds (Samara's class). I think Natalie would do better in her class if I wasn't in there with her but I think Samara might do just as well. We'll try it out tomorrow and if doens't work out to have Samara in my class then for next year I will just do a different age group. It's a great opportunity and I'm so glad that the Lord has provided this for me.