Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Play 2009

Alyssa was in a Christmas play last night that was fantastic. She was so excited. After all the rehearsals and all the time she put into it she finally got to do it. Samara and Natalie got to do a preschool performance. They sang two songs. Twinkle, Twinkle Christmas Star and Ring Those Bells and Turn Around, Ring Those Bells and Stomp Your Feet, and Ring Those Bells and Jump up High (sung to the tune of Jimmy Crack Corn). It turned out really cute. The kid's play was A King is Coming to Town. They were talking about a king coming to their town. So they went through all the kings. First was Elvis, the king of Rock N Roll. Then, was King Tut. Next was the king of the jungle, an ape. Last was the most important, King Jesus. It was really cute. I hope to buy the DVD.

This is me getting ready to help the preschoolers with the motions to their songs.

Natalie is in the polka dotted dress (cutie). And Mara is in the red dress with her curly hair and back towards us.

"showing shepherds where Christ lies" that is what they sang on this part of the song. It turned out so cute. Although at first some of the kids were running all over the stage. That's okay though they started singing once we started.

This is Alyssa doing her king of Rock N Roll choreography. She did such a great job.

There's Elvis! Alyssa's to the very left.

Alyssa got to be King Tut's entourage. I hope one of my friend's has a better picture because she was precious!

This was the king of the Jungle one. She's beating her chest like the king of the Jungle.
It really was fantastic. I love to see Alyssa, Samara, and Natalie do fun things like this. Hopefully I'll start posting more on here too. I know I've been slacking but I know how important it is for some of you to see pictures!