Monday, September 26, 2011

Natalie's 4!

Nattie turned four on the 29th of August.  She thinks she can do everything her sisters can.  She doesn't realize she's just a little bit smaller than they are.  She is a firecracker of a child and I love her to pieces!  We went to Willie's with a couple of our family's friends for her birthday, they have a sandbox so it's the PLACE to be.  Here are some pictures of the day.

It's been REALLY hot here so I made this cake and then the frosting melted right off it.  Okay so it was a couple different things that made the frosting melt off it.  Part was the heat and part was because I should've refrigerated the frosting before I started.  So, this is what happens to most of the stuff I do like this so I'm not really worried.  Those are supposed to be flowers on it by the way.

Some of Nattie's friends!
It turned out to be a great day.  I hate that my little girl is growing up yet at the same time I'm loving it!  She is just showing more and more of her personality, she's got a LOT of it.