Monday, January 25, 2010

Celebration of Granpa Al's Life

So for those of you who don't know, Micah's Grandpa Al went to heaven to spend eternity with Jesus on the first of the year. He was a great man and I can't say too much without bawling because we miss him so much so if you want to you can read the other post that I made about him earlier this month. Here are some pictures that I enjoyed taking. One thing that happened through all this is that family that hadn't seen each other in a long time came together and got to see each other. It was awesome to be able to meet some of Micah's family that I hadn't gotten the opportunity to meet yet. Everything went so well it was amazing.

This was the table in the front of the funeral home that sat Granpa's chaps for horseback riding and his leather vest that he would ride his motorcycle with.

Grandpa's chaps.

Grandpa's vest that I think Grandma did all the stuff on it. On the front it had Al embroidered on it.

THE FAMILY!!! Yes we are a lovely looking bunch.

Micah and I.

Shawn and Lenny. This is Grandpa's sister.

Alan, Uncle Mike, and Patrick (Worm). In the middle is Grandpa's brother and the left and right of him are Uncle Mike's two sons.

The three girls.

Vickie, Gracie, Dave, Jacie, Rick, and Dick. Gracie is Grandpa's sister and Vickie and Rick are her kids, Dave is married to Vickie and Dick is married to Gracie. Jacie is Dave and Vickie's daughter.

What a beautiful family!

Did I say beautiful? I meant weird. I love this family!

The rest of us.

Joel and Peggy, Joel is Grandpa Al's son.

Grandpa Al's sons. Kris, Mitch (grandpa's adopted son... for all intents and purposes), Joel, and Ozzie, and of course Grandma Nita.

Cody, Jasmond, Uncle Kris, Kylar, and Kristian. Uncle Kris' kids.

Silly Family

After the celebration of Granpa Al's life, most people call it a funeral, we got a little silly. This costume, if I remember right, was a second graders costume that was given to Jay because it fits her. She is 4' 9 3/4"... Don't forget the 3/4" she gets kind of upset. Anyways it was just what we needed on this celebration day.

Here is Jay in the Monster's Inc. costume.

And Nattie.

And Mara.

And Syssa.


Hello all,
I was told by my sister and Meems, Micah's grandma, that I need to start updating my blog more. I'm going to try to update every Monday. I have been quite busy with school, gymnastics, Mother's Day Out, training for another triathlon, and just being a mom of three. We may have a special opportunity coming our way but I'll post about that some other time when I get more information. I'll post again today when I get on my other computer where all my pictures are. For now, everyone have a great day!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The New Year

Micah's Grandpa "Grandpa Al" passed away on New Year's day. This didn't come as a big surprise and yet it did. We knew that Grandpa had quite a few health issues but we didn't think it would be on New Year's Day. I don't think there is a way to prepare for something like this. I just have to say that he was one of the most wonderful, Godly men that I have ever met. Hewas so loving and excepted me into the family instantly. As much as he was Micah's Grandpa he was also mine. He will be greatly missed by many many people whom he has touched in great ways. We also know, however, that he is in a better place. He has received his mansion and is walking on the streets of gold that are talked about in the Bible. He was a preacher for a long time and even living with Micah's parents he started helping out at the Methodist church preaching every once in a while. I remember in July when we were back home and he had recently had his leg amputated and he was supposed to preach that weekend. We all told him to just sit down and preach, nobody would mind. Without showing any pain, he got up and preached a great sermon. He has touched my life in great ways and has always given Micah and me sound advice and lots of love. Like I said before he will be greatly missed but I know that I will get to see him someday! Alyssa says that he's with Jesus so he has to be happy and we'll see him again. What a smart 6 year old.