Friday, April 24, 2009

Six Flags

This year we decided to get season passes to six flags. There are a lot of good reasons to get these but the water park peaked my interest the most since it gets quite hot here. Today we went for the first time and the kids had a blast, they did the rides today.

Waiting for the first ride.

Nattie acted like a big girl. She didn't want to sit in the stroller she wanted to walk. She wanted to go on all the rides just like the big girls. It was too cute... there were quite a few things for her to do!

On the "ferris wheel" ride.

Nattie didn't get to go on the Wiggles plane ride. She was too small. She was sad for a minute but she got over it once she saw the slide.

The train ride.

Micah lookin' good.

Monday, April 13, 2009

EASTER with friends!!!

We had a great Easter celebration. Our church did something a little different for Easter and I guess it's becoming a tradition at the church. They had bright lights during the praise and worship part of the service and then before the sermon started they handed out noise makers and then bounced beach balls everywhere with a song called "Happy Day". It was actually really cool I thought. Then we came home and ate lunch and did an Easter egg hunt with our friends Raleigh, Heather, and their little boy Isaac. Then we settled down and played some golf on the playstation and then, of course, rockband. Because who can say no to rockband on Easter. Hehehe. Here are the pics of the festivities.

Samara, Isaac, and Alyssa waiting to have at it at the Easter egg hunt.

Alyssa finding eggs.



My beautiful girls and their mommy. I wish I would've gotten a picture of me in my dress. It was really pretty. I'll have to wear it again sometime soon.

Eating a jelly bean... or trying to but daddy's teasing her.

Nattie found an egg.

The gang looking for eggs.

This was the last egg found. Alyssa found it of course.

Nattie with her loot.

Isaac hunting.

Hello girls.. having fun?

There's one Daddy!

Me and my hunny.

WHACK!! haha.

ANother picture of me and my girls.

Heather and her Isaac.