Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I shouldn't be on the computer right now. My mom is coming so I should be getting prepared for her to be here. But what is there to prepare? I can clean but I've already cleaned up a bunch and haven't put a huge dent in it anyways. I need to get some of my feelings out in writing here so that I can do what I need to get done around the house with a clearer view of what is going through my head. I don't know about you but I guess writing is just how I do that.

I got back from a 6 day trip to Haiti on Monday. It was awesome. We are adopting two girls from that beautiful country and I got to go see them. It was an answer to prayer!! I had just starting praying and telling God that I really just needed to go and visit them and make sure that they knew that I loved them. I wanted to spend some bonding time with them and be able to hear them say "Mom, I love you!" Which I got to hear a lot. But we really didn't have the money to pull off a trip. Maybe 2 weeks later I got a phone call and got offered a portion of the money to go!!! Absolutely amazing!!! Praise the Lord!!! It ended up that at the end of the trip I only spent about 20-40 dollars of my own money! God is so good!!! I am so happy that it all worked out the way it did!

Before I left the word PREPARE kept popping into my head. What! I know that we are supposed to be ready in and out of season to preach the good news of Christ (it's in the Bible, I'm not really sure the reference but it's in there) but I wasn't sure what this meant for me while I was headed to Haiti. I have yet to know understand fully what I'm supposed to be prepared for even now I still feel a sence of urgency to be prepared. So that's what I'm trying to do as much as I can. PREPARING! I mainly feel like I need to be prepared spiritually for whatever is going to happen next but I also feel as though I'm supposed to be prepared in other ways as well.

While I was in Haiti I was able to be with some of the greatest kids I know, as well as some of the greatest adults. Pastor Jean Fritz, the pastor of the orphanage (he also pastor's a church, runs a school, and is trying to do about 30 adoptions right now) is an amazing man. If you ever think about it please pray for him. He has so much going on right now! It's absolutely amazing to me that he can keep things straight. I pray that he soars on wing's like eagles, he runs and not grows weary and walks and not faints. (It's in the Bible and again I'm not sure of the reference.)

Haiti really is a beautiful country! If you look past the destruction of the earthquake and into the heartland of Haiti, the mountains, the trees, the rocks, the concrete homes, the wonderful people.... The people need a love that knows no end. They need Jesus, just like all people need Him! I'm just believing that Haiti is going to have a great revival come to it. Haiti is going to see the Lord in ways that it never has before! People are going to be set free from bondage that they have been carrying around forever. People being healed and Jesus restoring lives and marriages and families. I just know that the Lord wants this! He wants the people of Haiti to rise up out of the ashes and into His Glorious Light!

Anyways, like I said I just got back from Haiti so of course I have a ton of pictures! My computer cable broke when I got back to the states so I have to wait til I get a new power cord before I can post any pictures but as soon as that gets fixed I will be going crazy with pictures. I was so excited to see my girls, and they were so excited to see me. I may post a little bit about some of my experiences while I was there but for now I need to at least clean up a bit before my mom comes. She'll be thinking... what did I teach you about cleaning!? Haha. Anyways if you think about it say a prayer for our family and that our paperwork would get through smoothly and that nothing would stop God's calling on our lives!

By the way it worked out perfectly because Fafane's birthday was on the 7th of February and Guerline's birthday was on the 5th of March! I went on the 16-21st of February so I was there between their birthdays! PERFECT! PRAISE THE LORD! He is so GOOD!