Monday, May 19, 2008

St Michaels

A couple old houses in St Michaels. This town is a really historic town and has a lot of stuff from the war of 1812. It's really neat to look at all the old houses. If you look closely they have a plaque on the outside that says who used to live there and all that.

This was a weird sign I thought. It says "Food and drink, strollers, and four legged friends more than welcome!" Just odd because normally it's the other way around.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our Anniversary

This was one of the historic sites when we went on a 90 minute cruise on the Miles River which is part of hte Chesapeake Bay Estuary.

This is another historic house that has a Widow's Walk. It's where wives of sailors would pace back and forth watching for their husband to come home from sea. I knew that before but I forgot about them.

A picture of us to prove that we were really on the boat. ;-) It was fun but quite windy.

Our Anniversary

This is outside the Maritime Museum that we didn't have enough time for.

Eating crabs at the Crab Claw. This restaurant was a ton better than the one we went to the night before. Look at the smile on my face. :-)

Micah taking a picture of himself.

Us together!!! Wow we're a good looking couple.

Our Anniversary

Getting ready for a wonderful evening at the Crab and Steak House.

Micah and Kim at the Crab and Steak House thinking that it's going to be great food.

The restaurant wasn't good at all. Micah ordered a Tuna steak and it was purple all the way through. I ordered a beef steak medium and I got it and it was purple and cold just brown on the outside. I had them take it back and cook it more and it wasn't very flavorful when I got it back. It was quite expensive so I was really disappointed.

We went to Tilghman Island which is farther down. We saw a boat that said Miss Kim on it so we had to take a picture.

In Tilghman Island we saw what I thought were a couple teenage girls that were driving a golf cart down the middle of the road with their dog running along side of them. It was funny.

Our Anniversary

We went to St Michaels for our anniversary this last weekend since our anniversary was on the 18th of May. It was cool. We stayed at an inn right on the water on a peninsula type thing. It was so windy when we came up that the waves were huge in the bay.

This is the volleyball court right outside our hotel room.

This is the hotel room and our van.

The beautiful water.


Micah decided to give Nattie a bath in the sink. She was filthy and the other two were in the shower. It was cute and she loved it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

There's a Frog in the House!!!

I was sitting at the computer on a rainy day when all of a sudden Alyssa shrieks, "There's a frog in the house". I quickly run over to the table where she was sitting eating her breakfast and sure enough there was a frog in my dining room. I caught it but before I put it outside Alyssa wanted to see it and pet it. Samara was scared until I put it outside and then she said I want to pet it so I went back outside and caught it and took it to her and she got scared and said no Mommy no put it back outside. It was funny.

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day Mommy and Daddy stayed in the nursery with the girls. We had to take a picture of the three of them with their Mommy. They all look unhappy because Mommy made them come over and get their picture taken and they didn't want to, they wanted to play. Oh well, at least I got a picture with me and them together on Mother's Day.

Holding Nattie

Now that Nattie's getting too big for Alyssa and Samara to hold they want to hold her. She kept squirming and trying to get away. Mara kept saying hurry mommy take a picture, quick. She's so funny.

Alyssa's Birthday

So I know it's a bit late but here's some pictures of Alyssa at her birthday party at the park. She got home that day and said "I was a princess today!!" She was so excited to be a princess at her birthday.

Blowing out 5 birthday candles. WOW she's getting to be such a big girl.



Alyssa and Samara eating pizza on one of our hot days.

Nattie sitting in the chair that Grandma and Grandpa got from the yard sale for Alyssa a long time ago.

If you look closely you can see her pearly whites on the bottom of her mouth.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Love at First Sight

On two separate days Nattie found herself in my stand up mirror and got so excited. She started giving herself kisses both days. One of the days she had her passi in her mouth so she kept clanking the mirror with it. It was so cute.