Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Lost Tooth

Alyssa lost her third tooth tonight. Well, lost or had Daddy pull it out? It was really loose so Daddy asked Syssa if he could pull on it and see if it would come out and she said yes because it was hurting anyways. A couple small yanks and her top tooth was out!
She was so excited! She was walking around the room raving and talking so fast I couldn't understand her. She kept saying the same s words over and over so that we would know that she couldn't say them very well. It was so cute!
What kid doesn't like to put their tongue in the hole where there tooth once was?
The gap. Her other top front tooth is loose too but she said that Daddy couldn't touch that one tonight... maybe another night.

School Days

The kids were getting ready for school yesterday and it was just too cute. They pick out their own clothes every morning and get ready all by themselves. They really do a great job. I thought I'd take some pictures of them because they were being so darn cute!

This is Natalie. She gets up just as we are ready to go to school. Yesterday morning she was really groggy but I already had my camera out so I had to take a picture or two of my littlest princess. She was really sleepy.

Samara's become a little fashion diva. She says she knows what she wants to wear and that everything she picks out is cute. I think she's right too! She was super energetic and ready to go.
Alyssa loves to pose now so here's one of her new ones. She said it was Friday so she wanted to be comfortable. She says when she wears this shirt it's like she's a librarian and since she wants to be a teacher someday... she really likes looking like a teacher now.

The three beautiful princesses! Nattie didn't even want to look at the camera but I finally convinced her for this ONE picture. Thank you Nattie Grace!
Alyssa was getting ready to leave but when she looked out the window she was in awe of the sky. Who wouldn't be!?! It was beautiful. She kept saying "take a picture, take a picture!" I had to take a couple pictures for her. I told them that God had painted the sky and that he was an artist so the whole way to school they kept saying that God was so good at art and that they just loved the way God painted the sky. Even on the ride back home Nattie couldn't stop talking about the way God was such a great artist. It was too cute.
Then I went into the girl's room and found them still in bed. Well, not really but their life-sized dolls were in the girl's beds. It was too cute! Thanks Mama Jay and Papa Oz for their dolls that are HUGE! They are enjoying them for sure. The picture above is Alyssa's bed.
This is Samara's bed.
The girls being back in school has been going well this week, except that Mara came home the other day bawling again that she missed me so much. What do you say to that?!? I love my little girl and I miss her so much while she's at school too. We talked about it and she's okay now. Bless her heart.