Monday, March 1, 2010

A little about everything

There have been a few exciting things going on lately. What isn't exciting with three little girls running around? Here is just a mumbo jumbo bunch of pictures. Some of the fun stuff we've been doing latley.

We went to Science Night at Alyssa's school. They had an alligator and a snake that we could touch. The alligator and the snake would take turns getting touched. We stood in line for about 15 minutes for the alligator and by the time we almost got up to the table the alligator was put away and the snake was there. The kids didn't mind too much.

The girls learned how to make rain. You put a cup of sand in a plastic baggie. Then you add like 4 Tbsp of water I think. Then you zip it up but leave enough room for a straw. You blow into the gallon sized baggie with the straw and then when it's full you zip it up all the way. You set it next to a window and in a little while "rain" will appear.

Alyssa got her hair cut.

Another picture of Alyssa's hair. I didn't get any before pictures... I should have!

I also bought some foam curlers. When I was a kid my mom used to always put these in my hair. Especially on a Saturday night so that my hair would be super curly for church the next day. I remembered how much I liked that so I did it with Alyssa. She got super excited.

Posing... she's being goofy in her excitedness... is that a word?

This is her hair after the foam curlers. I took a curling iron to the front a little bit because it didn't do exactly what I wanted it to do. She said that she wanted curly hair like her sisters and I think this did the trick.

The back of Alyssa's curly hair.

Mara's new thing is she likes to vacuum. We started with her little vacuum which does suck up some dirt and things but Nattie now likes that vacuum so I let Mara use my big vacuum.

Nattie and her little vacuum.

Alyssa's tooth fell out today at school! I was kind of disappointed because I wanted to be there to help her with her tooth. But I got over that. She pulled it out at school because she said it hurt. When I looked in her mouth her big tooth has already started to come in. You can see it if you enlarge the picture above. She's super excited for the tooth fairy to come.

Another picture of her gap.