Thursday, September 24, 2009


I haven't updated in a while because we have been so busy. I decided that I would update everyone really quick. I will post pictures hopefully this weekend. We are doing very well and keeping very busy. I'm in school taking College Algebra and National Government. Alyssa has an excellent teacher. She is really doing a good job in school and is so excited to go daily. Her and Samara are also in gymnastics and loving it. We're looking to get Alyssa in piano lessons but we'll have to see if we're getting a raise this year first. Samara and Natalie are in Mother's Day Out and loving it. They both really love their teachers. Nattie wasn't sure at first but she goes in her classroom with no problem now. She even sees me every once in a while if I pass her classroom and she doesn't cry for me at all. I love being a teacher at MDO and I love my class this year. Micah's still working hard and is thinking about starting school again soon. Hopefully we can all keep ourselves from our schedules running our lives. Micah and I have also decided to do the 4-5 year old Sunday school class. I guess it's Kid's Church. We have a Saturday night service so Sunday school doesn't work very well. ;-) Weare going to be doing the 11 o'clock service so it will work as Sunday school. I will try and post pictures soon. For now HAPPY FALL!