Monday, August 12, 2013


The last couple of months in our household have been HARD.  The girls haven't been cleaning up when asked to, we've had more than 1 "family meeting" per day, they love to yell at each other and make each other cry (if they didn't love it so much it wouldn't happen so much!), they've ignored their momma more than once, etc, etc, etc.

My girls aren't perfect!  Neither is my husband!  He says things that hurt my feelings, for some reason sometimes he disagrees with me (what's up with that!?), he has different ideas on how to bring up our girls, he's super gentle (what's up with that too!?), we are two different people with the same goal trying to live a happy, fun, full life with disagreements and kids that don't quite do what they're supposed to.  What am I supposed to do with that!?

The TRUTH is that I have an amazing family!  My girls, even though they are in the kitchen egging each other on and screaming and fighting right this very minute, are amazing!  They love, they help, they have so much joy in them, they are truly a BLESSING FROM THE LORD!  The TRUTH is that I would be lost without them.  I don't know what my life would be like without them and I really don't want to know (even though sometimes I wonder).  The lie would tell me that I don't have an amazing family because they aren't perfect.  Because they make mistakes they are only mediocre not amazing... But the TRUTH is they are!

Even when hard times come and you hear screaming from the other room; when you're at your wit's end with your spouse or your kids the TRUTH is that they are AMAZING!  You may be thinking to yourself, "well you don't know my circumstances!".  I say the same thing sometimes to those who are trying to help me.  So I offer these questions, "who made your spouse?, who made your kids?  who made your friends? who put them into your life?"  GOD.  And to say something that He created isn't amazing is only saying something about this God that created them.  Now people aren't perfect.  We make mistakes, and God didn't create the mistakes we make... we did that.  We don't have to be perfect to be amazing.  But when I get upset I want to remember that God not only CREATED my children and my husband but He entrusted them to my care here on earth knowing that He has everything I need for every situation I go through, especially the ones I feel I can't handle.


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Christie said...

Amen! Love ya, Kim! Hang in there...